Spring Wonders

What wonders are you discovering in Pacific Spirit Regional Park these days?  

Here is a little look at a few native plants in the Park and and some of their medicinal uses.

Remember: Absolutely no harvesting of any kind is allow in Regional Parks.  Please use your garden or a community garden as place to grow and harvest these wonderful native plants.  

Red Elderberry Sambucus racemosa

Dried red elderberries make a delicious immune-busting tea.  

Salmonberry Rubus spectabilis

The ripening of the salmonberries in May & June is often associated with the upward-spiraling song of Swainson’s thrush.   The berries are delicious and the bark and leaves were used to help relieve digestive troubles.

Stinging Nettle Urtica dioica L.

Although this plant can cause terrible irritation if touched, it makes a lovely tea and is high in iron.

Baldhip Rose Rosa gymnocarpa

The young leaves and twigs were used to make a healing tonic by many northwest coast First Nations.  The dried rose hips also make a lovely tea.  

Scouler’s Willow Salix scouleriana

There are 35 different types of willows in the Pacific Northwest.  Willows are high in vitamin C and have anti-inflamatory and pain relieving properties.

Indian Plum Oemleria cersiformis

The fruit of the Indian plum is small and very bitter until very ripe, but is high in vitamin C, iron and potassium.  It should only be used in very small quantities.


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