Spring Songs

North Country 

In the north country now it is spring and there

is a certain celebration. The thrush

has come home. He is shy and likes the

evening best, also the hour just before

morning; in that blue and gritty light he

climbs to his branch, or smoothly

sails there.  It is okay to know only

one song if it is this one. Hear it

rise and fall; the very elements of your soul

shiver nicely.  What would spring be

without it?  Mostly frogs.  But don’t worry, he

arrives, year after year, humble and obedient

and gorgeous.  You listen and you know

you could live a better life than you do, be

softer, kinder.  And maybe this year you will

be able to do it.  Hear how his voice

rises and falls.  There is now way to be

sufficiently grateful for the gifts we are

given, though do try, and

especially now, as that dapples breast

breathes in the pines and heaven’s

windows in the north country, now spring has come,

are open wide.

~ By Mary Oliver

What songs are you hearing in the Park these days?


 Photos: Pacific Tree Frog & Tree Swallows at Jericho Beach Park taken by Linda Mueller

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