September Eco Team Restoration Site


for Better Wildlife Habitat

img_4383If you visit Pacific Spirit Regional Park at Crown and West 22nd Avenue you might notice some big changes.  Over the past month, a excavator and many dedicated volunteers with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Ecological Restoration Team and Pacific Spirit Park Society Eco Team have worked hard to remove tonnes of Himalayan Blackberry and plant 500 native trees.

At the beginning of September the site was completely covered with 6 feet high Himalayan Blackberry thickets.  This invasive plant not only out competes native trees and shrubs, but creates an ideal environment for hidden dumped garbage and rats.

After the excavator removed the Himalayan Blackberry foliage, the PSPS Eco Team spent several weeks hand digging the extensive roots.  An enthusiastic and hard working grade 7 class from Immaculate Conception School, as well as staff from the Doctors of BC, also come out to remove roots and plant native trees.

Last Saturday, Metro Vancouver Ecological Restoration Team and PSPS Eco Team had over 75 volunteers attend the big planting event to plant the rest of the 500 native trees.  The Vancouver Park Board brought in a variety of species, including Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Cascara, Vine Maple, Big Leaf Maple and Pacific Crabapple. Together, we have create a big change that will improve native plant biodiversity, increase habitat for birds and wildlife and grow into a beautiful forest for park users to enjoy for generations.

Thank you all for helping to improve our park, one invasive patch at a time!


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