Environmental Education

Children & Youth

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Invasive Plant Education Program

Are you curious to learn more about the wildlife and ecosystems in Pacific Spirit Regional Park? PSPS Environmental Education Team provides programming for school-aged children (5-12) to learn more about:

  • What are the most threatening invasive plants in the Park?
  • Where do invasive plants come from?
  • When did invasive plants enter the park?
  • What makes invasive plants spread so fast?
  • How do invasive plants impact the ecosystem?
  • How can we stop invasive plants from spreading?

For more information, please email Krista at volunteer@pacificspiritparksociety.org.

Introducing Hazel the Squirrel and her shy friend Snowberry the Mouse.  Can you see Snowberry hiding in the moss?  I bet she is looking for a little snack amongst the leaves!

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