Board of Directors

The Pacific Spirit Park Society’s Board of Directors is responsible for the administration and programming offered by the society. Directors may serve up to two consecutive two-year terms, and are elected by the society’s membership at its Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors: 2016-2017

President: Micheal Jerowsky

Micheal is a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, and his research focusses on Citizen Science, and how the Metro Vancouver Park Partners Program has assisted groups in overcoming barriers to success and access that is common in this field. As president of the society his primary focus has been on ensuring proper and long-lasting governance, and supporting the development of our many programs by working alongside dedicated board members, staff, partners, and volunteers.

Vice-President Bob Meyer

Bob is a retired IT professional who has lived near the park for 10 years.  He volunteers for a number of public service organizations, and is an outdoors enthusiast who can often be found walking or running on the trails, or by the beach.  As vice-president, Bob supports the president and board in their administration of the society. He has a strong desire to see that the park is protected and there for future generations to enjoy.

Secretary: Florence Godineau

Florence is originally from France where she studied agriculture and environmental sciences, before working for non-profits on wildlife conservation and environmental education projects. She is especially passionate about protecting forests, wetlands and bats, and loves exploring the natural world. There’s always something new to discover! As secretary, Florence is responsible for the day-to-day communications of the society.

Treasurer: James Carolan 

James is a professor of physics at the University of British Columbia, and a long-time user and observer of Pacific Spirit Park. He has witnessed the increased use and demands on the Park, and believes it is important for residents to take an active interest in helping to maintain the Park and keep it in a natural state for the benefit of citizens now and in the future. As treasurer, James is responsible for the financial workings of the society.

Director: Ada Li

Ada is a fourth year student at UBC, studying Environmental Sciences with a concentration in land, air, and water. In particular, she is interested in the usage of GIS for data collection and management of the environment. She previously volunteered for the Jericho Park mapping team and is currently the mapping coordinator for the Pacific Spirit Park Society’s invasive species mapping program.

Director: Grace O’Connell

Grace recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Geography at UBC, specializing in Environment and Sustainability, and has a desire to pursue further education and work in GIS and data mapping/management.  Born and raised on Vancouver’s North Shore she has always harbored a passion for the outdoors, frequently utilizing many of the lower mainland’s parks and nature areas.  As a student of UBC, she was exposed to Pacific Spirit Park in various ways over the last four years and is excited to be able to take part in maintaining this unique green space for generations to come.

Director: Bev Ramey 

Bev has a background as a park planner, and has served on multiple non-profit boards in the Vancouver Area, including BC Nature, and the BC Naturalists’ Foundation. Her primary interest in Pacific Spirit Regional Park is to encourage more people to enjoy nature, especially where families can experience nature hands-on.  She is a strong believer in ‘Healthy Parks, Healthy People’, and seeks to ensure that the park remains as natural as possible. Additionally, she supports the international Important Bird Areas (IBAs), with Pacific Spirit Regional Park being IBA #BC018, and participates in monthly bird surveys at the nearby UBC Farm and University Golf Course.

Director: Judy Williams

Judy has served Pacific Spirit Regional Park since she helped form the inaugural Board in 1998. In her capacity as Chair of the Wreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS), Judy has helped keep the beach, foreshore and 144 acres of forested cliffs at Point Grey undeveloped and wilderness-like since 1969.  She co-chairs the Fraser River Coalition and serves as the PSPS liaison with UBC with regard to Campus storm water management and land use. 

Director: Terence Wong

Terence is a Chartered Professional Accountant, and works at a public practice specializing in Non-Profit Organization audits. In his spare time, he likes to stay active in doing cardio exercises and playing tennis. As a board member of PSPS, he assists our treasurer in preparing monthly budgets and year end financials.