Great Blue Heron


Ardea herodias


Great Blue Herons build colonies in trees near the water.  Currently, there are no heron colonies in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, but there were for many years and we hope they will return to nest in the park again someday.  You can see herons feeding in several areas of the park, including the foreshore, streams and wetlands.


Herons eat fish and amphibians from shallow water.  At low tide you can see the herons patiently waiting for a little fish to swim past so it can quickly snatch it up.  They can also be seen visiting the Camosun Bog and Beaver Pond in hopes of finding a delicious frog or some tadpoles to feed on.


The Great Blue Heron is the largest and heaviest heron in the world.  They have a deep call that sounds like a trumpeting fraaahnk!  They often can be heard at night when they are more active.

Photo: Linda Mueller

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