Ever wonder what that plant is or why do some birds only hunt at night? Check out our EcoEDUCATION programs to learn about nature! If you are an educator, don’t forget to check out our EcoKITS as well, which is a collection of resources available to help students learn about nature at Pacific Spirit Regional Park.


Find us at our EcoTABLE where we share some of the many interesting objects and curiosities that we find from the natural world. From pine cones to birds nests to owl pellets, there’s something to peak everyone’s interest.

Most Saturdays we can be found at the trailhead of Cleveland trail on W 16th. Come by and say hi!


Pacific Spirit Park Society regularly hosts nature walks for the public and community groups. Guided by our trained volunteers and seasoned naturalists, participants have the opportunity to go up-close to learn about the wildlife and plants that Pacific Spirit Regional Park has to offer.

Here is a selection of our previous themed walks:

  • Fabulous Fungi
  • Bird walk
  • Walk About Forests
  • Bog walk

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