Cascadia Explorers – Pacific Spirit Park is going Virtual?!

Exciting news from a community volunteer, Yvan Boily, on an upcoming educational videogame that features Pacific Spirit Park. Kids will have a chance to learn history, about native/invasive plants, and how to manage them!

You can check out his post here.

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Invasive Species Mapping in Pacific Spirit

Metro Vancouver has been mapping invasive species in Pacific Spirit Park. Mapping is used to understand the extent of the  invasive species problem, so that we can best use the resources we have to manage them. Unfortunately, there is a large amount of invasives that have moved into the park and English holly is the most abundant species. One local resident explained the source as “people dumping [yard waste] here for at least 30 years”. During about 100 hours of field work, an area of 45ha was mapped and a total about 17% (7.76ha) of the forest area surveyed was covered in invasive species. The figure (attached) shows the proportion of each species found in this area.


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