Coordinating Team

Laura Cottle

Volunteer & Program Coordinator

Alina Zeng

EcoTEAM Coordinator

Learner, creator, and explorer at heart, Alina discovers and expresses herself in various forms of art. Growing up in close proximity to nature, where she sought shelter and comfort, Alina built an inseparable bond with majestic landscapes and wonderful creatures. After completing a degree in Urban Forestry and Recreational Planning at the University of British Columbia, Alina is now a Nature Educator working with children aged 5 to 13 in the great outdoors across Metro Vancouver, rain or shine. She also works with Vancouver Science World as an Outreach Facilitator to make science more accessible to communities facing barriers. In her free time, Alina enjoys photography, cooking, and painting. Alina is grateful to be joining Pacific Spirit Park Society and contributing to protecting our green spaces.