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The Pacific Spirit Park Society (PSPS) is a community-based volunteer organization.  We work together with Metro Vancouver, as part of the Regional Park Partners Program, for the benefit of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Like other park associations in the Metro Vancouver Regional Park Partnership program, PSPS acts as public stewards of the Park.  We provide a way for groups and individuals who engage in stewardship projects and citizen science data collection in the Park, as well as offering a variety of environmental education programs for children and adults.

We hold a vision of an urban forest and foreshore park protected and cared for in perpetuity for the benefit of all. To make that vision a reality, we work with Metro Vancouver to develop programs and organize events designed to:

  • protect the natural environment of the park
  • maintain recreational use that is in harmony with nature
  • promote environmental education, stewardship and citizen science 

At our core though, we are a community based organization, and that means we want you to work with us to ensure Pacific Spirit Regional Park is around for future generations to enjoy. If you’re interested in volunteering, please check our events calendar, or contact our program coordinator for more information.

To learn about Pacific Spirit Regional Park, click here, or watch this short video from Metro Vancouver: